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who would have thought?

oh look, she's still alive.

-kiss the silence-
1 May
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I'm me. and you dont know me, because no one knows me, thus someone who is no one knows nothing about me.....sometimes...not all the times.. i wanna change ppl's lives and help ppl. Im kinda more giving than taking..and i do believe in "hey-he-looks-cute" at first site... love...haha..thats funny. I own my own record label. Dont hate, dont judge, im 18 with a flare for ambition. Thats right. Where you procrastinate, i get it done.
Music is my life.
No matter what you think, ill never be more scene then you, and ill never try. im an individualist...I dj for college radio.
I goto Texas A&M University.

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